Sunday, September 7, 2014

1 M Project

Hello guys, sorry for not being updated for the project 1M. Actually it's rolling, our partners are really enjoying building up their respective groups. Everyday we are looking for someone who have a positive attitude and open minded person. If you think you are, you are welcome to our group any where you are just let us know so that we cant assist you how to join and we can send you more information about our company. As of now I am in Caribbeans. AIM Global is a WORLD CLASS.

You will met different types of people while you are expanding your network. Surely you will  met negative minded people, but don't forget they will make you more aggressive in sharing the products because you know that you will reach the 1M. Not only you are earning, the most important thing you have done, you help them change their life forever. They will always remember you..This is open to every one who are willing to change their life..After watching this video you will see how AIM Global change their life. We all need a good health to enjoy our life with our family.

How can you enjoy if you are always sick,  no way..... at the age of 30 up our body can't no longer generate nutrient to support our cell it needed so we need to take it externally to maintain our good health that's why food supplement have been invented. We can't afford to buy 5 types of fruits and vegetable every meal so expensive. Food supplement is far more better and complete and more cheaper. "TAKE FOOD SUPPLEMENT TO LIVE LONGER, HAPPIER AND HEALTHIER"...

Watch this encouragement video:

Opportunity is very rare, why not try and see...

This is my invitation to everybody, If you are OFW nearly retiring, invest now before your retirement period. If you are first time in abroad, save a portion of your salary and invest. You don't know the future of your company. If you are a student try to save some of your allowances and invest in business not to buy gadget. If you are not employed this is your chance to earn and change your life.

Investment is very affordable. To my friends and colleague as OFW, how long can you sustain to live with your life style when you retire with your savings if you have; 1 year, 2 years, It's better to start a business to have a residual income while you still working abroad, when retirement come you have already establish yourself so you'll have a financial freedom while you are enjoying with your family. No financial worry. Your take home money will not be touch.
AIM Global is offering very affordable starting Business Kit." I URGE YOU TO START NOW!"
send your respond to

Saturday, May 31, 2014

The 1M project

Back to business to continue our 1M project you can do it effectively by assisting your down line by encouraging every member to sponsor at least 2 person every month to maintain the flow of earning

for everyone. This project is helping every member to achieve their goals to earn IM a year. This is only for the single head, how much more if you have 3 or 7 heads. AIM Global have already created more than 900 extra ordinary millionaire. Who will be the next?
May be it is you! Start now dream big and believe that you can achieve it. I know not easy but once you establish your network you will have none stop harvesting even though you don't want it anymore it will continue flowing to your account. This is for business side. All you need to do is to buy the starter kit for P7980.00 only this is a very small capital compare to the earning you'll get. Start now and be the next millionaire soon...

For the products, all of AIM Global products are very effective to different kind of  illnesses young and old will be benifited to enjoy the healthy and wealthy life.Every products that we have in AIM Global is proven
this is manufactured by Natures Way in USA the company is already 40+years in manufacturing food supplements known all over the world. The products of AIM Global are solely manufactured by Natures Way and you can't find it in any Drug store. Only Distributed by AIM Global Members are authorized to sell the products.

For more information about the products and how to apply for distributorship please email: or PM on FB

This is the proof, even in foreign country like Nigeria, a Nigerian youth invested in this business and turn out to be "EXTRAORDENARY MILLIONAIR"
How about you? Invest now! not tomorrow, not next month, not next year, start now and change your life!
The wheel is continue rolling, you can't reach to your destination if you just standing behind. Ride on now and move on....

You'll Enjoy Longer Healthier and Wealthier Life!!! 

Sunday, May 4, 2014


Mga Magulang ay nag hahanda na naman para sa pasukan ngayong taon, lalo na sa college. Butas na naman ang ating bulsa. But don't worry mga Nanay at Tatay may paraan pa po tayong magagawa para hindi tayo masyadong mahirapan sa mga tuition fee ng mga bata lalo na po sa collegio. Sa Alliance In Motion Global ay mayroon po kayong pag asang mabawasan ang tuition fee ng inyong anak sa College
sa mga affiliated school ng AIM Global from 50% to 100% discount depende po sa course ns kukunin ng anak ninyo at anong school. May roon pong Schoolarship Certificate ang AIM Global sa sino mang mag member dito transferable po yon. Ang schollarship certificate po ay isa lang sa binfits na binibigay ng AIM Global sa kanyang mga member. Sa halagang Ph7,980.00 na inyong ibabayad sa starter kit, matatangap nyo ang products n nagkakahalaga ng Ph6,000.00 so bale ang binayad mo lang ay Ph1,980.00 lang may scholarship program ka na may pang negosyo ka pa. Mag kakaroon ka ng personal Insurance, Ph 200,000.00 Accidental Death and Disablement, Ph50,000.00 Unprovoked Murder and Assault, Ph10,000.00 Medical Reimbursment, Ph10,000.00 Burial Assistance. May roon ka pang Free Medical Check-Up, may Business kit, Free Web page (DTC) Distributor Trucking Center, kung saan maaring ma-monitor online ang iyong genealogy, transactions, ma-encash ang kita, atbp. at ATM card.

 Ang producto puwede mo nang ibinta or gamitin mo. Pagkumuha  ka ulit ng products discounted na ng 25% lahat ng producto ng AIM Global. So may negosyo ka na marami ka pang dapat malaman kung paano kumikita ang mga distributor dahil isa ka nang Distributor kapag nakabili ka na ng Starter Kit na Ph7,980.00 pesos.

May e-kukuwento lang ako sa iyo na Estudyante College student peru huminto muna saiya sa pag aaral
Schoolarship Certificate
panadalian habang inaaral niya ang Business sa AIM Global sa madaling sabi nag join siya, He worked Hard and made it to the top Earner so after five years He is already a millionair, He owned house and lot in Tagaytay, may Resort sa Palawan, may Condo sa Pico de Loro sa Batangas, and driving his Dream car at natapus din niya ang collegio.
Kung kaya ng Estudyanteng ito na makatapus at naging Millionaryo dahil sa AIM Global, kaya mo rin yan.

Mga Itay, Inay upang hindi kayo masyadong nag aalala sa tuition fee ng inyong estudyante subukan po ninyo ang AIM Global. For more information Email to: or fb ed.moscoso1 send me personal message para matulongan ko kayo.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Project 1M

AIM Global Products are good, no questions about it Testimonies for those who take the C24/7 NATURA-CEUTICALS are amazing. We need to share this products to all who are suffering from uncured illnesses and to all."Prevention is Better than Cure." Bakit kaya ang daming mga sakit sa panahon ngayon ang umuusbong? Ito ay dahil sa ating Invironment, air pollution,sa ating pagkain at iniinom kulang na tayo ng nutrients upang labanan ang mga free radicals na nasa ating katawan.  Salamat sa C24/7 na nag bibigay ng Nutrients na kailangan ng katawan natin at nakakagaling sa mga karamdamang halos wala ng pagasang gumaling. Salamat din sa AIM Global na nag de-distribute nito dito sa atin at sa ibat-ibang bansa.
Cure defferent types of illnesses and maintain the health of indiveduals for "Prevention is Better than Cure" This is God's grace, for God nothing is impossible if you believe. To God be the Glory...

Now will go into business, naniniwala ka ba na maari kang kumita sa products ng AIM Global ng Isang million sa isang taon? Bukod sa kikita ng ganong halaga makakatulong ka pa sa mga nais kumita at gumaling sa kanilang karamdaman. Simple lang naman kaibigan;
Kailangan ay maging member ka muna ng AIM Global sa makatuwid ay kailangan mo ng P7980.00 para maging member ka.Tatanungin kita, kaya mo bang makapag imbita ng dalawang tao sa isang buwan upang maging distributor na kagaya mo? At siguro yong dalawang taong naimbita mo at sumali ay makakapag imbita rin ng tig dalawa sa loob ng isang buwan, bale ang formula nito ay power of 2 every month. Tingnan natin ang illustration, ito ang paraan kong paano makapag create ng millionair. Ang kailngan dito ay focus and effort at consistency and cooperation ng group. Kung may problema ay huwag patagalin kailangan malaaman ng buong groupo para masolutionanan agad. Hindi stand alone ang isang distributor kailangang tulungan para ang lahat ay umanagat ang bawat isa, walang maiiwan dito dahil ang lahat ay gumagalaw ang nasa taas ay inilalagay niya sa pinakamababa ang kanyang napapa join. Kaya hindi puweding sabihin ang nasa taas lang ang kumikita dito. Medyo mahigpit lang ang patakaran para ang talagang makasali lamang ay yong talagang gustong maabot ang kangyang pangarap. Ma enjoy ang sarap ng buhay na may finacial freedom, at ma enjoy ang "Longer and Healthier Life".
Kaibigan kung nais mong maranasan ito simply fill up your name and Email address in the right corner of this page and click "JOIN US" "Enjoy Longer and Healthier Life!"

Saturday, April 5, 2014


Joining AIM Global (Alliance In Motion Global) is for all who are willing to change their way of life which is not been teach in school. First contact the person who introduce the opportunity to you, he will guide you what to do. Prepair your ID, any transactions need a Identification card, your payments amounting Php 7980.00. and he will accompony you the main office so that you can filled up the form and get the products.. If you are far from the place or Abroad, OFW, you will send your Authorization letter, ID picture, photo Copy of your ID or Drivers License or Passport with signature + your Spicement Signature x3 to be use in opening your account in the bank. Before you send your payment comunicate briefly to the person who introduce the products to you. Send first the documents, when it is already recieved and it is all correct then you have to send your payments including delivery charge. Minimum is one kilogram. The Global package B is one or less than one kilogram including business kit. This is  to gave you an Idea how to join AIM Global. You will recieved more information if you already communicating to the person who introduce the products  to you. It is very impotant to communicate specially when you are abroad or far from the place. All members of AIM Global are person that you can trust. " Live Longer and Healthier Life". If you decide to join,

Please fill up the form in the right corner with your Name & E-mail address and Click "Join Us"

How can you comunicate with me; Tel: 1721-554-3578 Email:

Saturday, March 29, 2014


Nakabili ka na ng AIM Global package na nag kakahalaga ng Php7,980.00. Ano  ngayon ang plano mo sa products na nakapalit ng 7,980 pesos ibibinta mo ba o gagamitin mo? Pag ibininta mo 6,000 pesos na yon. Pag bumili ka ulit ng produckto may discount ka na na 25% kahit anong  produkto ang kukunin mo, at ibibinta mo sa Suggested retail price.

Marketing Plan:
1. 25% Retail Profit. For example 1 Blister Box of C24/7:

    • Sugested Retail Price     Php 1200.00
    • Distributor Price           Php 900.00
    • Your Retail Profit          Php 300.00
    • So may profit ka na 300pesos/Blister Box of C24/7. Madaling ibinta dahil subok na na napakahusay sa ibat-ibang uri ng  karamdaman.
2. Direct Referral Bonus Php 500. (Unlimited) For Example na e share mo ito sa iyong kaibigan, kamag-anak or kahit kanino na intresadong mag negosyo, at bumili din siya ng produkto, automatic mayroon kang 500pesos referal bonus mo. ganito ang proceso. Ang bawat mabintahan mo ng Global package  
(Php7980.00) upang maging franchisee or member, ikaw ay may kita na Php500.00. Ang mga bumili galing sa iyo, yon ay ilalagay under your left or right makikita mo rin yan mamaya.

3. Binary Plan (Match Sales Bonus) 
   a. Recruit to Recruit
    (1,200 Registration Pts. <> 1,200 registration pts) Sa pares ng isang tao sa left at sa right may kita kang Php1500.00 Match sales.
Tingnan mo dito sa ating picture, yong 1 head mayroon siyang letf and right (no.1 and No. 2) yong unang na imbita at bumili nilagay mo siya sa iyong kaliwa (no.1) may 500pesos kana doon, nakabinta ka uli ng isa inilagay mo sa kanan mo (no.2) kumita ka ulit ng 500 pesos. So may 1000.00 pesos ka na.bukud diyan may kita ka pa rin dahil may pares ka yong left and right, kikita ka pa rin ng Php1,500.00 so ang total earnings mo sa dalawang tao Php2500.00, masama pa ba. o magandang maganda. Tuloy tuloy na ang pairing. pag may sa kaliwa at kanan mo may Php1,500.00 ka hindin kana ang nag invite noon.
b. Recruit to product Reorder
  (1,200 Registration Points <> 1,200 Reorder Point) May kita kang Php 1,500.00 Matched sale sa bawat PARES; isang tao sa left (1,200 Registration Point), at sales volume sa right 1,200 Group Reoreoder Pts.) So kung may dalawang tao kana sa left at sa right ay isa pa lang, ngunit ang Reorder ng isang tao na ito sa right ay katumbas na ng points ng 1,200 point yon ang match point sa left and right mo kaya may kita kang Php1500.00.
c.Products Reorder to Products Reorder 
  (1,200 Reorder Point <> 1,200 Reorder Points) May kita kang Php1500.00, sa bawat pares ng Reorder Points sa Left ( Total Reorder 1,200 pts.) at sa Reorder point sa Right (Total of 1200 pts.) So kahit dalawa lang ang nabintahan mo, ngunit ang dalawang ito ang npakasipag mag binta. so tuwing makaipon ng 1200 point ang dalawang ito sa left and right kikita ka ng Php1500.00. May ginawa ka pa ba doon? wala na, pero kumikita ka pa rin. Ito ang secreto ng Network Marketing or MLM. 
Mayroon pa tayong pag-aaralan na mga klase ng investment ang pinag aralan natin ay single head, mayroon pang 3 heads and seven heads. abangan mo yan...kung gusto mong malaman aga just fill up mo yong form sa upper right corner, your name and email address and click "JOIN US" para mabigyan kita ng mga mga business marketing plan..  "Live Longer Happier and Healthier with AIM Global.."

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


  • Start A Business
  • Save and Invest
  • Live Simply
Kung ang paraan upang maging milyonaryo ay negosyo, anong negosyo sa ngayon ang maaari mong itayo na maliit ang puhunan, pero malaki ang kitaan?
Ang Network Marketing business ay isa sa mga napatunayan na pinakamadali, pinakamabilis at may pinakamalaking pamamaraan ng kitaan.


Unlike other traditional business, ang P7,980.00 ay MALIIT na puhunan at ONE-TIME, LIFETIME PA! May potential income pa na P24,000/day! Kung mag join kayo ay ang matatanggap nyo ay sumusunod:
  1. Five (5) Blister boxes ng C24/7 Natura-Ceuticas
Worth Php6,000.00 Eighty percent (80%) ng puhunan n'yo ay bumalik sa pamamagitan ng produckto. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) requires every MLM company to abide by the Ati-Pyramiding Law (RA5601) na nag sasabing dapat hindi bababa sa 73% ang productong kapalit ng pinuhunan n'yo.
2. 25% Lifetime Discount
3. Peronal Accident Insurance: Php2000,000. In case of Eath due to accident; Php50,000. for Unprovoked Murder & Assault; Php10,000. for  Bural Assistance
4. Medical Reimbursment; Maximum: Php10,000.
5. Free Medical Check-up. At affilated Health Clinics which includes:
  • Chest X-ray
  • Complete Blood Count (CBC)
  • Vision Screening & Dental Screening
  • Stool Exam & Urinalysis
  • Complete Physical Exam
6. Free Web Pgae (DTC-Distributor Tracking Center) kung saan maaring ma-monitor online ang iyong genealogy, transactions, ma-encash ang kita, atbp.(Log at using your usersname and password.)
7. RCBC/BDO ATM Card. Dito idedeposito ang iyong kita on a DAILY basis walang maintaining balance.
8. Business Kit. Dito mababasa ang general information patungkol sa mga produkto at negosyo para sa mga presntations.
9. Transferable Educational Schoolarship Certificate. Ito ay nag bibigay ng pagkakataong makadiskwento ng 25% -100% ang mag-aaral sa isa  sa mga paaralan na ka-tie-up ng AIM Global sa buong bansa.
10. Opportunity to help the less fortunate through ALIVE (Always Live in Victory Everyday) Foundation.

Lugi ka pa ba? o tumubo kana kaagad. Kung interested ka just fill up the form in the upper right corner and click "JOIN US" and I will send more information.  Enjoy a Longer and Healthier Life!