Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Potential Markets for AIM GLOBAL PRODUCTS

The potential markets of AIM GLOBAL Products at present are 13 Countries worldwide for our New Generation Super Food Supplements, and soon will be at 200 Countries for the New Products of AIM WORLD the online Division of AIM Global.
AIM Global is the Number 1 Network Marketing Company in the World it has earned multiple awards in different institutions for Network Marketing.


It has a Pro-Distributor Marketing Plan which enables to create more than 2000+ extra ordenary millionaires in ten years time. A lot of people says that the market is already saturated. We can't saturate the market specially the products are all consumables. Food supplements are very fast consuming item, every body needs food supplements now a days. So the market is widely open and its a big opportunity to people who are willing to change their lives by doing Network Marketing. AIM GLOBAL and it new online division AIM WORLD products IPRO-TECT & CARELEAF which can be marketed in 200 countries worldwide will boost the sales of the distributors. The company is open for more distributors. "JOIN NOW!"

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Monday, March 14, 2016

Sunday, March 13, 2016

AIM World the online Division Of AIM Global

AIM Global is expanding its network for 200 Countries all over the world. From 13 to 200 countries, LOTS OF PEOPLE WILL BENEFITS TO THIS NEW PRODUCT OF AIM WORLD.

Wherever you are in the globe the reality of getting an INFECTION like cold and flu affects your productivity on a regular basis. Sadly, when we got sick the people around us specially our love ones are exposed to the same harm and its consequences.
40-80 % of absenteeism from work is due to COLD & FLU, 36-60% of absenteeism in school is due to COLDS & FLU.
AIM WORLD see a world beyond vicious reality, AIM WORLD see a world protected from air borne diseases, SELF-PROTECTION TECHNOLOGY begins with the coming of "IPRO-TECT 24/7.
IPRO-TECT create a 1-2 meter GREEN ZONE disintegrating VIRUSES and BACTERIA within seconds. Why spend money on remedies when you can save those important to you EVEN BEFORE THEY INFECTED.
Be protected stay protected Every Time Everywhere. Use IPRO-TECT 24/7
For more information and inquires by email; emoscoso1950@gmail.com
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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Financial Freedom

Are you financially stable?

Most of us is dreaming of financially stable,ngunit hindi natin maabut na maging finacially stable dahil nakatali tayo sa pagka empleyado, hindi masama ang maging empleyado ngunit kailangan din nating tingnan kung sapat ba o kulang ang sinasahod natin mag overtime man tayo ay hindi pa rin sapat. Ako mismo inilagak ko half of my life ang maging mabuting empeyado maging local at abroad ibat ibang bansa, ngunit ganon pa rin. Ang pag kaalam ng karamihan ay kapag naka abroad ka financially stable ka na. Ang tutuo nyan ay habang nasa abroad ka ok lang medya nakakaangat ka ng kaunti ngunit pag tapus ang ang abroad, ilang buwan,taon kaya ang aabutin ng uwi mong pera. Ang masakit niyan ay pag naubus nag iisip uli na mag abroad.

Now is the time to change our life style reach our dream to be financially stable. You don't need to quit as an employee but to look for additional income. May kasabihan nga ang mga magulang natin na " kung maliit ang kumut ay matutu tayong mamaluktot" hindi pala dapat ganoon, kung maliit ang kumut ay kailangang dugtungan nating upang umabot sa buo nating katawan. Kaya kung kinukulang ang sahod natin kailangang mag hanap ng karagdagan para kumasya at sumubra pa para may maipon pa. 

Ano ang dapat gawin para maging Financially stable?
 Mag hanaap tayo ng karagdagang kita habang empleyado tayo, Negosyo kailangan nating gawin, Negosyo malaking puhunan malaking kitaan ngunit saan tayo kukuha ng puhunan. Kailangan din natin ang lugar, at tao na makakatulong,sakit din ng ulu ang pagpapatakbu nito. Ngunit ngayon ay marami na ang magagandang oportunidad na malilit ang puhunan ngunit malaki ang kitaan. May magagandang programa at sistima na pabor sa mga negosyante..

Multi Level Marketing (MLM).
 Pag narinig ito ng karamihan ay sabihing pyrameding daw ito at ang nauna lang daw ang kumikita dito. Hindi po tutuo yon na ang nauuna lang ang kumikita dito. Ang MLM marketing po ay pina ka papular na negosyo sa US at Europe kumita sila kahit nasa bakasyon  at kahit natutulog sila, so masasabi nating finacially stable sila. Hanapin natin ang tamang producto at stable na companya magandang programa, magandang systima at doon tayo magsimula upang maabot natin ang pangarap na Financial Freedom.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Habits of Highly Successful Entrepreneurs

When we see entrepreneurs who have achieved success, it's natural to wonder: what makes them different?Some will tell you that entrepreneurs succeed because they work harder, know the right people or are just smarter than the rest of us.

While there traits are valuable they do not make a successful entrepreneur. What an entrepreneurs successful is a set of habits, it is their behaviors, attitudes, and actions-practiced consistently-that separate successful entrepreneurs from the rest of us. If you can identify and incorporate these habits in your own life you can also succeed as an entrepreneur.

Habit # 1: Always be learning knowledge, more than money, influence, or dogged persistence, is the most valuable asset of any entrepreneur. Many businesses have burned through sky-high piles of start up capital without even turning a profit,  despite big-names backers and tireless work of the founder. But if you know-really know what you are doing, then your chances of creating a winning business skyrocket and the way to make sure you know as much as you can is to always learning.A successful entrepreneur is a student of business, technology, and human nature.In technology constant change drives the need to always learn. The steady arrival of new technology means any entrepreneur where business is touched by technology must stay up on the latest refinements and introductions, human nature, on the other hand, changes slowly if at all. But the topic is so complex and deep that literally inexhaustible. The more you can learn about why people do things, their basic needs and how to structure your business to meet them. The more likely you are to succeed as an entrepreneur.
Successful entrepreneurs don't learn only in traditional classrooms, they stay up on technology reading about and trying new tactics. They stay up on business by following the markets, attending seminars, and obtaining expert advice. For studying of human nature, their classrooms are meeting room, coffee shops, airports and any place people gathered. And above it all they learn from their mistakes.Successful entrepreneurs never think they know it all. They are always learning.

Habit # 2: Not Letting Lack of Money Stop you, common knowledge say, "it takes money to make money," And while there is a grain of truth to this old adage, what it leaves out is that it's not money that you need, it's access to money, in other words, you just need to be able to use money, including money that belongs to other people. We're talking about debt. Being able to borrow money is more important than having money.

Borrowing lets you use leverage. When you borrow to invest in a business you greatly increase-leverage-your power, if you spend $1,000 of your own money to enter a new market you won't do the job well as if you had $10,000 or $100,000. By getting the rest from investor or lenders, you greatly increase the leverage and power of your $1,000.

The same holds for any business or function. You don't need money to succeeds as an entrepreneur. You need to be able to get and use money. How you do that is not common knowledge but it's something Rich Dad Coaching can help you learn. 

Habit # 3: Focus on mission, not just money
When you are entrepreneur it's easy to be misled by focusing on money. Sure a successful business has to attract money  through sales and have money, left over as profit after paying operating costs. But it's not just about money. The most successful entrepreneur do not have decisions solely base on financial outcomes. If you are becoming an entrepreneur just for money, you likely won't have long term success.
The most successful entrepreneur are on mission, with capital "M" They have a vision in which money plays a roles but is not the only factor. For much of Bill Gates career as founder of Microsoft, he was known as the wealthiest person, but back in a very beginning he had a vision, and it wasn't to be the richest man on earth. It was, a computer on every home, on every disk. Now that Gates vision had been realized, and 90% of those computers are running windows software, the result is billion in profit every year, but But Gates didn't start with vision of billions. He started with a mission.

What is your mission? If it is going to be the foundation of a successful business, it has to be one that generate sales and profits, but if you are going to be a long term success, you have to focus the first and foremost on your long term mission.

Habit #4: Don’t Just Be Busy
Don’t confuse being busy with being in business. There is a huge difference between
business and “busy-ness.” You can stay active all day every day doing tasks that aren’t
improving your business’s effectiveness or bottom line. You can spend a few hours on
high-impact work that will really make a difference in business performance. The key is
to know which is which and spend time doing the tasks that provide the best return on
your time and effort and not just being busy.
When you are working the register, handling service calls, or cleaning the bathrooms,
you are doing work that needs to be done. But you are working in your business and
not on your business. When you are examining the bills for ways to cut costs or refining
your strategy for developing new products, you are making your business better, not
just being busy. Don’t be busy. Be in business.

Habit #5: Create Assets That Create Income
Almost anybody can work to earn money. If you limit yourself to earning what you can
from working, you are practically guaranteed to never improve your income or wealth
substantially. That requires creating assets that “work” for you, earning money while
you do something else. Income-generating assets can include investment portfolios,
real estate, or a business. When you are working, your goal should not be just to earn
money. It should be to create these kinds of assets.
Only through creating assets that earn income can you free yourself from having to
work. You may still choose to work, but you won’t have to, because you created
assets that create cash flow. Don’t think about working to earn a paycheck. Think
about working to create investment portfolios, cash-generating businesses, and cashflowing

Habit #6: Don’t Quit Your Day Job—Yet
Rich Dad Coaching is all about freeing yourself from the limits of living only on what you
can earn by working at a job. So why would Robert Kiyosaki say, “don’t quit your day
job—yet”? This seeming contradiction makes sense because it can take time to build a
business that throws off enough cash to live on. In the meantime, you need to pay your
living expenses. So you may need to keep working for a while to get that paycheck
while your business reaches the break-even point.
Keeping your day job helps in other ways. If you know you have your monthly bills
covered thanks to your job, you won’t feel pressured by financial need to force your
business to grow fast by taking needless risk. You’ll be able to grow organically,
gradually and without assuming unnecessary risks. So if you want to start a business,
don’t quit your day job—yet.

Habit #7: Be Okay With Not Getting a Paycheck
Many entrepreneurs aren’t on the payroll in the early days. That’s because after
paying everyone else, there isn’t any left for the founder. But once all the suppliers and
employees are being paid and there is something left over, it can be tempting for the
entrepreneur to take that surplus for himself or herself, as a much-deserved reward for
long hours of unpaid labor.
While Robert says to “pay yourself first,” in a startup’s early days, you should reinvest
profits in the business, not in your personal bank account or lifestyle. Motivate yourself
with a nice dinner or a short vacation when you finally get to write the ledger in black
ink. Don’t make it a habit. You should not starve the business to feed your lifestyle.
When business is going well and cash flows plentifully, things can be different. But, if
you have to go without a paycheck, early on or perhaps in a rough patch later, be okay
with that.

Habit #8: Delegate to Free Yourself
The average American business has about 15 employees. It’s not because the
prospects of the business are so limited that it can only support 15 people. It’s because
15—really, closer to 10—is the generally accepted maximum number of subordinates
that one person can oversee. When this span of control gets much bigger, the
effectiveness of the supervisor and the people being supervised both fall. So in reality,
the average business is the size it is because the entrepreneur is not willing to let
someone else have any authority. The business can’t really get going, because the
entrepreneur won’t let go.
That’s why successful entrepreneurs delegate. When you delegate tasks, you let go of
those tasks and free yourself to take on others. The new tasks should be higher-value
ones involving policy, planning, or strategy. Entrepreneurs have to get past the notion
that nobody can do the job as well as they can, or they will never be free to really grow
the business. Delegating involves trusting others to do work—if not as well as you—
then at least well enough. It involves giving others a chance to grow. Entrepreneurs
who won’t delegate—and this probably includes most—will never be more than
average. Those who can delegate give themselves and their businesses a chance to
grow into something extraordinary.

The Bottom Line
At times, the gap between entrepreneurial success and failure may seem impossible
to bridge. Some may attribute the difference to lack money, connections, or not being
driven to put forth the necessary work. While those factors can influence outcomes,
they alone do not determine success or failure. What ultimately matters are the habits
an entrepreneur has formed—habits that you can develop too. With the right habits,
you can be a successful entrepreneur, and cause others to wonder: What makes
you different?

Saturday, November 8, 2014


The success of MLM or Network Marketing Business; No.1 The products that they offer is not seasonal, No.2 The quality of the products are very competitive on the market or much better.No.3 The products are consumable. No.4 Magandang marketing plan.
Let us take the example of the company that has amazing success. Alliance in Motion Global started their business on the year 2006, The three owner of this company are in different profession, Medical Doctor, Physiotherapist and Computer Engineer. Paano nag katugma ang kanilang plano na mag tayo ng negosyo na Food Supplements. Nakita nila ang potential 80% nang mga tao sa mundo ay gumagamit na ng food supplents. Bakit kailangan ng tao na gumamit ng food supplements. Ang kinakain natin sa ara arw ay kulang na ng nutrisyon at ang food supplement ang nag pupuno ng wastong nutrisyon sa ating katawan upang mapalakas ang ating resistensiya at maka iwas tayo sa ibat ibang sakit.

Ang AIM Global ay nagkaroon ng tamang products at trusted manufacturer at magandang marketing plan,
So they Created a MLM or Network Marketing Business to deliver the products to the public  through the Independent distributors.

Maraming mga bagay-bagay na hindi maiwasng nakaapekto sa kalusugan ng tao at naging dahilan ng pagkakaroon ng sakit katulad ng:

a. Processed food - Chip, cold cuts, Fast-food meals (French fries are considered carcinogenic. Potatoes should only be steamed or boiled). Ang mga lutong bahay na may additives ay hindi gaanong masustansiya. Sa research, 30% - 90% of food now contains pesticides.
b. Stress - Sobrang pag-iisip, pag alala atbp.
c.  Air, Water, & Chemical pollution.
d. Unhealthy lifestyle - sobrang pag inum, paninigarilyo, pagpupuyat.
e. Medicines' side effects - Sa U.S.A., ang side effects ng subrang  intake of synthetic medicine ay isa sa top 10 causes of death.

Napag aralan ito ng mga dalubhasa kaya naimbinto ang food supplements para maagapan at malunasan at maiwasan ang pag kakaruon ng maraming mga karamdaman.

Napag aralan nila ito na "Prevention is Better than Cure"

Ito ang nabuong plano ng tatlong may ari ng Alliance in Motion Global Incorporated.

So ang nangyari Successful. They started in the right time and right products so the success is amazing & for the Independent Distributor of  AIM Global. You'l see the rising building the sign of successful MLM or Network Marketing Business. The company is creating extra ordinary millionaire.

Makikita natin ang bunga nga kanilang tulong-tulong na pinag hirapan.
Ground Breaking Ceremony

Future Building of AIM Global Gen. Headquarter

Hindi lang sila ang naging successful also the dedicated distributors that earned recognition and wealth from the company..."To be successful you need to have a strong determination & persistence.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Success, as with most things, starts with attitude. When you're struggling, a small burst of inspiration can make a huge difference.
Sometimes the inspiration you need to achieve your dreams can be found in a few simple word of wisdom.

Here are 10 quotes about success to inspire you to keep pushing forward and achieve your dreams.

1. "If you set your goals ridiculously high and it's a failure, you will fail above everyone else's success." James Cameron

2. "Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it." Henry David Thoreau

3. "Things work out best for those who make the best of how things work out." John Wooden

4. "Entrepreneurs average 3.8 failures before final success. What sets the successful ones apart is their amazing persistence." Lisa M. Amos

5. "If you are not willing to risk the usual, you will have to settle for ordinary."Jim Rohm

6. "Take up one idea. Make that one idea your life--think of it, dream of it, live on that idea. Let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body, be full of that idea, and just leave every other idea alone. This is the way to success." Swami Vivekanada

7. "Stop chasing the money and start chasing the passion." Toney Hsieh

8. " All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them."Walt Disney

9. "If you are willing to do more than you are paid to do, eventually you will be paid to do more than you do." Anonymous

10. "Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm."Winston Churchill

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